The $2 million Hermès Birkin Bag!

The soon to be infamous (nearly) $2 million Hermès Kelly bag is made of solid rose gold and crocodile scales, and there are two versions made with either 1,160 or 11,000 of diamonds encrusted.  One of the most desired and celebrated items of fashion, the It bag turned classic is taking an even more exaggerated turn for the extravagant, as in person, it’s reported to be no … Continue reading The $2 million Hermès Birkin Bag!

FROM THE ARCHIVES: BOY London Really Hearts Rihanna

There is something to be said for the power of celebrity every so often.  The uniquely unisex grunge glamour of the British brand BOY London has been around since the 1970s, going hand in hand with the seedy cavalier spirit of the legendary SEX boutique spearheaded by iconic designer Vivienne Westwood and music impresario Malcolm McLaren, and the punk rock movement of artists like The Sex Pistols … Continue reading FROM THE ARCHIVES: BOY London Really Hearts Rihanna

The Iris Apfel Heel

The newest stiletto heels by Jimmy Choo are named and designed in homage to the perpetually quirky style icon Iris Apfel, who at 90 years of age is still a celebrated figure.  Apfel is part of a specific group of eccentric women that in the lanes of music, nightlife and fashion became true, unintentional stars by developing a unique sense of self, expressed by their … Continue reading The Iris Apfel Heel