FASHIONABLY REVIEWED: Kate Moss Lipstick x Rimmel London

Last September of 2011, it was the 10th anniversary of Kate Moss’ modeling work with Rimmel London, a cosmetics brand that’s been around since 1834.  Though spokeswomen now includes Americans Solange Knowles and Zooey Deschanel, Moss remains the most recognizable face by showcasing their mascaras, foundations, and lip glosses.  Now she has her own lipstickContinue reading “FASHIONABLY REVIEWED: Kate Moss Lipstick x Rimmel London”

Hidden Gems: (La) Vecina

(La) Vecina is mini-emporium of products and tools for the local fashionista that is also concerned with the upkeep of their hair.  Local beauty supply stores are to go havens to get your fix, literally and shopping-wise), and this is especially in more surburan-esque neighborhoods even if they’re technically still in the city.  In my hometown of Boston,Continue reading “Hidden Gems: (La) Vecina”