AMC’s Mad Men for Estee Lauder

The mini set is inspired by the 1960s beauty statements of the middle to higher class echeleon of women (as seen on the hit AMC show).  An accostumed raspberry red lipstick (“Cherry”) and not blush but salmon pink cream rouge(“Evening Rose”) packaged in Lauder’s regular gold vintage-looking compacts and tubes. Mad Men also had an in-store clothing line with Banana Republic, with clothes even more ’60s working men and women influenced … Continue reading AMC’s Mad Men for Estee Lauder

Kim Kardashian’s Solo OPI Polishes

Beauty High referred to Kim’s “Wel-Kim to My World” nail polish collection as “narcissistic” since all six colors are named after herself.  Well what else is new? INSERT: LOL The colors are all of the pastel family and personal favorites of hers.  Her solo collection is an extension of the Nicole by OPI: Kardashian Kolors that have been released since the holiday season in 2011 with her … Continue reading Kim Kardashian’s Solo OPI Polishes