Caviar is the New Shatter

Nail polish addicts are most likely already aware that the caviar nail is the new it look as the polish industry continues to thrive in the beauty business impressively, but with its somewhat high maintenance appearance, at first glance, it looks like a manicure catered to the trendy socialite crowd (or at least those young girls from JapanContinue reading “Caviar is the New Shatter”

Crayons for Lips!

It seems that in the world of making (up) our lips to feel and look fuller, plumper, sometimes even a different color all together, tools that resemble the crayons of our elementary school days are the latest rage.  From drugstrore to luxury brands, some brands are offering slightly portly but still pocket-sized pencils that act as a three in one:Continue reading “Crayons for Lips!”