Give Us Our Neon Lacquers!

So neon nail polish, or lacquer, can’t be produced in the U.S. for the simple fact that the FDA has yet to approve of it, as what it takes to make manufacture it is not “home-grown”.  Basically, the big hoopla about it having to be imported is more so about economics than for health reasons, so at least we’re not as risk whatsoever if we … Continue reading Give Us Our Neon Lacquers!

The Wedge Sneaker Trend

Parisian It-designer Isabel Marant kicked off the most casually accepted and b-girl cool inspired product that began in late 2011 and is still going strong in ’12: the wedged sneaker.  The wedged sneaker epitomizes the juxtaposition of feminine details on top of something that is generally associated with men’s activities or behavior…in this sense, men’s fashion.  The wedge is akin to the high heel which is … Continue reading The Wedge Sneaker Trend