Cutest Cell (Specifically iPhone) Cases…Eva

These cases alone might make you want to toss out your ol’ regular plastic protective case, or like me, get an iPhone all together.  While browsing Vibe Vixen yesterday, I read a headline that included the words Chanel Nail Polish iPhone cases.  Um…what? Immediately intrigued, I discovered that there’s a whole mini obsession with super … More Cutest Cell (Specifically iPhone) Cases…Eva

Bye-Bye Tips?

It’s funny how great minds think alike when it comes to beauty.  Since yesterday, I was thinking of writing a quick piece about post-rocking fake nails since I just took mine off.  Earlier today, I visited Coco and Creme and a fellow writer recently penned about her many years obsession with acrylic nails, though she’s … More Bye-Bye Tips?