Listen Up: Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z

“Martin had a dream.  Hov has a team”. The most classic quality of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail is that rapper and entrepreneur’s seasoned bravado no longer translates as annoying and uncalled for, but a feature that’s surely been etched into his character. After having exhausted in-the-know details of the fabulous life he occasionally mockedContinue reading “Listen Up: Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z”

Some Thoughts On…Being Mary Jane (Reviewed)

When the name Mary Jane is said, two things often come to mind that are bound to relax or bring you to a smile: those classically girly, Americana flats with a strap across the foot, or the most carefree hallucinogen on the planet.  Being Mary Jane, the original BET film that serves as the launching pad forContinue reading “Some Thoughts On…Being Mary Jane (Reviewed)”