Listen Up: Ciara’s 5 Best Released Singles

It might be heard to believe at first, but the Texas-born, Atlanta raised entertainer Ciara has been making music in the public eye since 2002. We first noticed her on the seductively tinged “Goodies”, and with those slinky, acrobatic-inspired dance moves, already she was heralded as the successor to Aaliyah and Janet Jackson. With herContinue reading “Listen Up: Ciara’s 5 Best Released Singles”

Some Thoughts On…Hip-Hop and Fatherhood

The discovery of a good father can be as mystifying as the search for a good man.  As we steer our political consciousness from the drama of the whether or not anyone should be using the N-word, another issue that’s closer to home, cross-generational, cross-cultural, and is the core reason of many a broken homeContinue reading “Some Thoughts On…Hip-Hop and Fatherhood”