I Finally Tried Lancome’s Definicils Msacara

defincilslancomeEvery year, the top beauty magazines, and today, the most click-worthy beauty blogs, highlight the “Best Of” products in the cosmetics world. From skincare to nails, there’s the reader’s poll and the editor’s choice as a kind of compare and contrast of how the elite and the everyday woman view which products our really worth the hard earned dollar. Do luxury brands really equal better results, or our drugstore labels the secret weapon that’s been long overdue with credit they earnestly deserve.

Definicils High Definition Mascara by French brand Lancome is regularly listed as one of the best mascaras of all time. It’s the high-end equivalent of fellow fave of the makeup obsessed Great Lash by Maybelline.  Acclaimed for its generous brush that with its formula offers lengthening looks for your eyelashes, as a mascara connoisseur in training, this is a product I’ve always wanted to try. Intrigued by its longevity as a go-to, when I learned Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz would be designing limited edition packages for selected Lancome products, I decided now was the time to try this coveted wand.

I liked Elbaz’s whimsical designs, but I admit I was mortified when the Clinique counter girl told me my total was $30 and some change. Damn! I was not happy with the price tag (it’s normally $27 approximately) but I left Bloomingdale’s still excited to try it nonetheless. I didn’t immediately love Definicils the first few, even 20 tries. I could see how and why beauty reporters loved its lengthening abilities, but, and I’ve mentioned this before in past beauty posts, I live for big lashes. Full, packed, dark, showgirl without the shimmer eyelashes.  It’s only recently I’ve appreciated the more subdued, feathery lash look, on me, because I found it difficult to achieve. And honestly, that was just wasn’t me at the time, but maybe I’ll attribute being a bit older and wanting to take that occasional break from the usual makeup routine in wanting to be more ingenue than rock star.

As one of the French brand’s best-sellers, I continued using it and it is a great tool in obtaining a lash look that’s more subtly glam. I even sometimes use it by itself, which is rarity as I’m pro-mascara layering. So was Definicils worth my $30? Ehhhhh…I wish, I wish it was cheaper, I really do. The price is a total turn-off. I’ll contradict myself however in saying I wouldn’t discourage someone from buying because it does work, and is deserves to continue being a mainstay.

Below is the animated commercial for the Elbaz x Lancome collection that should still currently be in local department stores nationwide.

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