The One Thing About Stacey Dash v. Obama [Original/Extended]

The abridged version was published by JET’s on Octobrt 9, 2013: Stacey Dash v. Obama I was probably one of very few black people in America that didn’t entirely attack Stacey Dash for her support of Mitt Romney running for President back in 2012. I don’t pretend myself that Black Republicans do not exist.Continue reading “The One Thing About Stacey Dash v. Obama [Original/Extended]”

M.I.A.’s Most Memorable Makeup and Hair Choices

Just because visual artist and musician M.I.A. is a total, certified bad-ass, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been a girly-girl along the way. Since her first album, the worldly Arular in 2005, Maya’s never been shy of experimenting with an array of colors in makeup and hairstyles. The choices have been as poly-chromatic as her music .Continue reading “M.I.A.’s Most Memorable Makeup and Hair Choices”