Lily Allen vs. The World: Was Her “Hard Out Here” Video Really Racist?

This article was originally published by on November 18, 2013 as Rush to Judgment on Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here” trying to understand Lily Allen’s “Hard Out Here” video, I’ve read many comments, and even two insightful essays on the context of what was geared to be a satirical video of the sexism, racism,Continue reading “Lily Allen vs. The World: Was Her “Hard Out Here” Video Really Racist?”

So Why Is Alexa Chung Your Style Icon?

“It Girl” books are happening this autumn, though the term has been around since roughly the beginning of the 20th century. The satisfying label first gained worldwide attention with the release of the silent film It starring Clara Bow (as Betty Lou) in 1927. From Warhol Superstars to teen idols of the disco and MTVContinue reading “So Why Is Alexa Chung Your Style Icon?”

Black Like Us? Her Name Was Keisha

When I read the news about that young teenage girl in Kansas that changed her name from “Keisha” to “Kylie”, I went through so many emotions that I didn’t even expect to have, but I did. While I was able to sympathize with the fact that she felt “Keisha” didn’t fit her (hell, Miley Cyrus’ birthContinue reading “Black Like Us? Her Name Was Keisha”