Beauty Haul: CoverGirl’s Flamed Out Mascara

For awhile, I was iffy about trying CoverGirl’s Flamed Out mascara, which at the time was new during its release back between the end of summer and early fall of this year. For one thing, I could see it was stubby in shape, which made me think the brush was shorter than I would’ve liked.Continue reading “Beauty Haul: CoverGirl’s Flamed Out Mascara”

Beyonce Explains How She Re-Discovered Feminism and Confidence

In Part 2 of this Beyonce mini-series explaining the messages and packaging of her 5th self-titled (and AMAZING) album, below she briefly discusses how she discovered Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the overall purpose of a song like “Flawless”, and that time she lost on Star Search with her group Girls Tyme.