Beauty Haul: CoverGirl’s Flamed Out Mascara

For awhile, I was iffy about trying CoverGirl’s Flamed Out mascara, which at the time was new during its release back between the end of summer and early fall of this year. For one thing, I could see it was stubby in shape, which made me think the brush was shorter than I would’ve liked. In being stout, it lead me to believe I might have some difficulty in the brush actually grabbing my lashes.

It was promoted amongst a number of new CG products for the “Flamed Out” collection that are currently mainstays and was modeled by DJ duo NERVO and singer Pink. I was most interested in the mascara, and I read the package that promised me a hot, winged look. It took me awhile to give a shot, but finally a weeks ago I did.

On the actual CG website, reviews for the Waterproof version weren’t great. Most customers were disappointed, claiming it was dry, clumping, and not able to hold a curl very well (but that’s waterproof for you). So far, my experience with Flamed Out has been satisfying, though I don’t disregard the earlier complaints as I’ve felt this way about other mascaras that have otherwise been renowned (hello, DiorShow, or better yet, good-bye). I discovered that immediately upon applying, my lashes were curled and full. The volume wasn’t subtle or crazy big, but just right. Now, I still think the wand could’ve been longer, but result wise, it is ideal for a winged eyeliner look, but more so for thin cat-eyes than thick, but that could be an to each his own thing. As with most good mascaras, it’s great alone, but I did touch it up with Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ Express Cat Eyes.

I would align this product with Rimmel London’s Lash Accelerator Endless as a mascara for average coverage that delivers.