#tbt Naomi Campbell: The Runway Compilation [VIDEO]

Today is the super iconic supermodel Naomi Campbell’s 44th birthday! Say what you will about her, she’s one of the most important individuals in fashion for her longevity and legacy, and also for being a voice for diversity in an industry that still has yet to learn that the world is round with colorful beauty.Continue reading “#tbt Naomi Campbell: The Runway Compilation [VIDEO]”

UPDATED Violet Kisses: Purple Lippies Worth the Vixen Mouth

Like colored mascara, bold lipstick shades (usually) get a judgmental rap. When worn in the past, you might’ve been labeled as definitely weird, oddly high-maintanence despite the bright color’s sassy nature, and maybe even un-lady-like! While donning an aquamarine lip, or tangerine like Jennifer Lopez did in her “Live It Up” clip, will still illicitContinue reading “UPDATED Violet Kisses: Purple Lippies Worth the Vixen Mouth”

#tbt “Stand Out” and “Eye to Eye” from Disney’s A Goofy Movie [VIDEO]

This animated film is a secret gem of Disney’s vault. While not in the same lane of classics like Snow White and the original 101 Dalmatians, A Goofy Movie was a ’90s take on one of the founding characters of Walt Disney and his attempts to rebuild his relationship with his son Maxamillion. It wasContinue reading “#tbt “Stand Out” and “Eye to Eye” from Disney’s A Goofy Movie [VIDEO]”