9 Necessary Life Quotes Based Around Lipstick #NationalLipstickDay

So July 29 is National Lipstick Day! I can’t even recall this being celebrated last year, but hey, for anyone that wears, loves, or is obsessed with makeup, and especially lipstick, today’s just another day to feel less guilty about your growing collection that may range from Wet ‘n Wild and Jordana to By TerryContinue reading “9 Necessary Life Quotes Based Around Lipstick #NationalLipstickDay”

Tales from the Girlhood: 5 Under the Radar Films About Female Adolescence

Yet whether comedic or dramatic, for the independent film, the expectations are higher because the sector allows for a more honest unraveling of trying to understand how these protagonists and company went from (to us as viewers) their current point A to a sudden non-stop ride to point E. This much is very true when it comes to the legacy of the teenage girl or young woman captured on film.