#tbt Throwback Thursday: “The Red Shoes” from HBO’s Storybook Musicals [VIDEO]

For HBO’s ’90s animated series, the Storybook Musicals, they revamped Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Red Shoes with the urban backdrop of New York City. While staying true to the concept of the story, it was narrated by the actor Ossie Davis and is a wonderful take on the importance of friendship, love, and thatContinue reading “#tbt Throwback Thursday: “The Red Shoes” from HBO’s Storybook Musicals [VIDEO]”

Why the Female Rapper Can’t Win

Metaphorically speaking. As the media is literally forcing us to watch a fake feud between Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea broil, though I remained more concerned with the reality of why my girls haven’t been brought back home yet, I do have a surmise or two to share about the current news surrounding the twoContinue reading “Why the Female Rapper Can’t Win”