Spoken Word Monday: “Patriarchy” by Venessa Marco [VIDEO]

After experiencing an intense moment of utter disrespect and sexism while at a public domain of a convenience store, little did that chauvinistic jerk found it plausible to talk out of line to Venessa Marco know that she was a talented spoken word artist. She recalled and delivered a retort to his raunchy and uncalledContinue reading “Spoken Word Monday: “Patriarchy” by Venessa Marco [VIDEO]”

My First BuzzFeed Community Post About the ’90s Game “Rockett’s New School” !

Helloooooooooo!! Recently yours truly posted her first BuzzFeed Community post about the ’90s CD-ROM game “Rockett’s New School”. “Rockett’s New School” was released in 1997, and was developed by the company Purple Moon. Purple Moon geared their products towards young girls interested in video games, but with a more real-life basis. It was quite popular,Continue reading “My First BuzzFeed Community Post About the ’90s Game “Rockett’s New School” !”