Reflecting on East Los High’s Season 1

What is life like in the 21st century when you’re young, ripe for higher learning and experiences, and just happen to be of Latino descent? Through the insistence of Carlos Portugal and Kathleen Bedoya, gales of lies, sex, and dancing as explored for the original Hulu series, East Los High. In an effort to bringContinue reading “Reflecting on East Los High’s Season 1”

80s TV Show Who’s the Boss: “Three Teens and Tony” for Flashback Friday #fbf [VIDEO]

Alysa Milano, played Tony Danza’s daughter Samantha (“Sam”) on Who’s the Boss was thee ’80s teen idol for girls from television! And who doesn’t love Tony Danza! Watch a clip from the popular show below for #fbf Flashback Friday!

5 Under the Radar Memoirs by Female Authors

Creative fiction may be the core of any reader’s original love for literature, but no great piece of imagination was written without the inclusion of real life events. That is why memoirs, as emotionally crushing as they can be to experience vicariously, are fascinating features of the literary world. As the writer of these oralContinue reading “5 Under the Radar Memoirs by Female Authors”