Guillen’s Tales: “Counterfeit Freedom”, a poem

Guillen’s Tales: the column of “pop star, stuck in fashion”, Alejandro Guillen Born to a family without designer genes But what does this mean to me? Does it mean I am not equal? Not destined to be fruitful? Not to be granted the same opportunity Then those who grew up with the proper zip code?Continue reading “Guillen’s Tales: “Counterfeit Freedom”, a poem”

The Candy Store For “Adults”: Visiting Sugarfina In Boston

The presence of a brick and mortar candy store still rings as extremely nostalgic even as nostalgia itself has evolved into a trendy topic (e.g. just Google “‘90s brown lipstick” and see how many articles were published on it in 2015). Candy shops today are either very kid-friendly and with a layout that would fitContinue reading “The Candy Store For “Adults”: Visiting Sugarfina In Boston”