A Closer Look At The “Clueless” Soundtrack, 21 Years Later

Twenty-one years ago, if wasn’t just the kooky dialogue or fashion that stuck with me from Clueless. Its official soundtrack is equally as disarming. Before the screen read “Clueless” in the packed movie theater I was in, The Muffs‘ “Kids in America”, a guitar-pop, contented jam, featuring the extremely crushed rocks vocals of its lead singer, Kim Shattuck, rolledContinue reading “A Closer Look At The “Clueless” Soundtrack, 21 Years Later”

Rupi Kaur’s “Milk & Honey” Collection Soars In Its Pain & Triumph To Freedom

I first described Rupi Kaur‘s book of poetry Milk & Honey as “heartbreaking.” But the use of that word seemed obvious, almost trivial. A majority of the circumstances crystallized through her beautiful descriptions were absolutely heartbreaking in narration. And that word is often a go-to because of how it quickly it blankets moments or feelings thatContinue reading “Rupi Kaur’s “Milk & Honey” Collection Soars In Its Pain & Triumph To Freedom”

Alexa Chung’s Book Isn’t “IT” But It’s Decent

When it was confirmed model/TV personality Alexa Chung was releasing a book on fashion and the alluring appeal of women deemed “it” (such as herself), I didn’t outwardly roll my eyes, but offered a shrug. Of course Chung was. Though her daytime MTV show, It’s On with Alexa Chung, only lasted two seasons in 2009 , it was enough to gainContinue reading “Alexa Chung’s Book Isn’t “IT” But It’s Decent”