The Mysterious Case of Wendy Williams vs. Eileen D.

Last week, it wasn’t a particularly hot topic or heated exchange between host Wendy Williams and a guest on her popular daytime soapbox that left her “How You Doin’?” disciples perplexed and frustrated. It was instead the disappearance of YouTube commentator under the username Eileen D.

Since the rumor mill started that D was blocked from Wendy’s YouTube page, and possibly all of YouTube, fellow Wendy watchers (on YouTube) initiated #JusticeForEileenD, while others took her place in the name of righteousness and teamwork. Oh, wait? Took her place in the name of doing what you might ask?

Well, there is a demarcation line between those that simply watch Williams’ uploads after their live airing on network television and those that are unblushingly immersed in Williams’ acerbic sharing of gossip news. Impressively, sometimes just minutes after Hot Topics was available online, Eileen D used to supply a breakdown of the subjects. Hot Topics segments are 20-25 minutes deep, so let’s say you could’ve given less of a damn about the divorce proceedings of Brangelina, or latest blip in the United Kardashian/Jenner Emirates, you could jump around to topics you needed the tea on STAT such as

“1.25 Lindsay Lohan Asked To Be On The Show”


“12:46 Mariah Carey Roasts Demi Lovato.”

Soon enough, D amused and gained a following of her own within Wendy Williams’ already one million strong fan base in the comments. She got so many likes, her time stamps began to show right at top of the comments and it looked like they were supposed to be there. If Eileen D was “late”, as in, Hot Topics had been up for an hour and her tabulations were not yet present, she got reprimanded by YouTube Wendy watchers. Post block-gate, some of those watchers claimed her time stamps could’ve lessened ad revenue for Wendy. (It literally pays to watch Hot Topics in full).

As of May 30, 2017, Eileen D is still sorely missed by a lot, amidst a small uprising of “Get over it!”, though no one really knows who she was. Or is.

I personally enjoyed seeing the hullabaloo Eileen D brought because it gave me insight beyond whether today was going to be a Jackson family update kind of a day or Wendy still pretending to not know who FKA Twigs is. (I also always watch Hot Topics in full). What Eileen D endowed was another case study of how supply and demand work on social media and at the core wasn’t an Instagram model but an everyday woman such as herself. I watched for about a month how, again, a good half of Wendy show viewers were more excited for Eileen D’s stamps than Hot Topics itself. And they still are, as from that same May 30 show, comments collided at an intersection of begging for D’s return and Williams’ shade towards Nicki Minaj and Nas trolling us with their fake flirtation in the dancery.

Luckily, I remembered D’s Twitter handle from when my curiosity needed answers on who the hell she was. @TipItForMaggie is a timeline of the simple joys of “Eileen D’s” life. She describes herself as a “Mother. Sociable Introvert. Catholic. Irish-Amer. Silent Film Fan. Snowflake Melter.” in her bio and with an avi that is perfectly blurry though a blonde Caucasian woman can be decoded. This is the innocuous creature that almost effortlessly brought down the Wendy house. Or at least left her social media handlers SHOOK.

D acknowledged that she was blocked by the Williams camp in response to a Twitter user on May 29. She was jovial about it and even tweeted the @WendyShow beforehand: “How you blockin’?” I personally reached out to her via a tweet, asking her why the stamps in the first place. She responded that same and D couldn’t have been happier to share in two tweets: “I mindlessly did it one day & ppl were so appreciative.” “I’m going to do it when I can bc my fellow Wendy commenters are like this little family” bc I’ve been watching for YEARS. I could, so I did.”

As mentioned, others are doing what Eileen D got reprimanded for and on this past week’s uploads of Hot Topics, various individuals provided stamps. One commentator voiced concern that this would provoke the Wendy show to disable comments. But that is most unlikely. The Wendy Williams Show is one of the few talk shows that really take into account what their viewers have to say, good or bad. They are a petty bunch. Williams herself will sometimes shout out that fact that viewers tried to call her out on something or someone she critiqued or a wig that they felt did not suit her. The Wendy show loves the comments as much as they do the blogs.

On the air since 2008-2009, a lot of celebrity guests have made memorable appearances (Omarosa and Wendy behaving extremely passive aggressive towards each other. Nick Cannon recently co-anchoring Hot Topics with Wendy). But only Eileen D had what it took to become iconic guest in the hot pink, finger wagging world of Wendy Williams.

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