My personal letter to Barbie #Barbie60

I’ve been an unabashed fan of #Barbie since girlhood! Even as a little girl, I liked a woman (a doll? 😉) that advocated the belief that fabulosity and ambition were not mutually exclusive! I wouldn’t have described my gravitation as such back then ( I didn’t have the vocab yet 😂), but looking inward, even the majority of the women I enjoyed in popular culture had that similar spirit about them. I’m glad I didn’t view Barbie as this unattainable representation—physically anyway—and as I got older, was never proselytized by analysts that desperately wanted to gaslight me into thinking she was the enemy. (I still hate it when people use “Barbie” as a euphemism for “bimbo.” Hashtag tired. Though parodies like Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” are wisecracking fun).

I understood the bigger picture of her existence which was that women and girls were capable! However; I deeply sympathize with women that did not have the experience I did with Barbie (Because to the contrary, I’m able to get why). I equally recognize that my mother, who wasn’t at all against white Barbie dolls (I loved the red headed ones!), made sure I had plenty of, or more, the black Barbie, and Theresa (!), and such consciousness attributed to my fandom.

#Barbie60 was a delight, and the diversification of the Barbie doll is beautiful to see! They’re so cute!! ☺️Keep up the inspiring work, Barbie!! Happy birthday!! 😚🥳🎂

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