What To Get From (Super Discounted) Flesh Beauty [Review & Memories]

I don’t know what’s going on with the cosmetics brand Flesh Beauty, but it seems as though it is being phased out or at least won’t be sold at Ulta Beauty anymore.

Ever since winter of 2020, the line has been discounted at Ulta, online and in-stores. I thought it was just a promotion at first, so when it was 50% off, I excitedly grabbed a concealer, two lip compacts, a lipstick, and another lip gloss. I also got a free clear pouch with my purchase!

Even at 50% off, the total amount was cute and the Ulta cashier reacted as if she too needed to grab some things. Weeks later, I, however, noticed that every time I visited Ulta online and in stores, Flesh remained on Sale, and in the last three weeks, which is now springtime, the brand has been discounted twice.

Flesh Beauty has also been quiet on their own Instagram page, so that leads me to believe that something is definitely going on with their brand. They haven’t posted since April 10.

Furthermore, over on their website, you can still directly shop products, but just at full price. What’s going on?!

Because of COVID-19, I know money may be extremely tight for a lot of people. That’s a damn understatement. Yet, these prices are worth taking a look at, as you can easily pick up one item from each category in the Flesh Beauty line and it’ll still be under $80 with free shipping from Ulta. #BARGAIN

Also, despite little advertisement for the major discounts, customers are definitely shopping the sale. For example, the Fleshy Lips Lipstick is only now available in one shade, when it definitely came in at least eight others.

Below are my hits and misses, and there’ll be a little more about the brand, underneath my review. Of course, if you love any of the misses, don’t mind me. If you hate any of my hits, don’t mind me. And go with what you feel like trying out!

The brand also carries more items than I currently obtain.

All the Flesh Beauty products I own, minus the foundations.


MISS: Unfortunately, I did not care for the foundation products and I was initially super excited about both of them. The Firm Flesh Thickstick Foundation was the first product I bought and it wasn’t even on Ulta shelves yet! It was in the store though, and an employee was nice enough to go into the back and look for one, as long as I knew the shade I wanted. Thickstick was disappointing and I tend to like foundation sticks a lot. It was just lackluster and unlike past sticks I’ve used, it felt a little draggy on my skin. Like slightly hardened glue (a glue stick!) or something.

I had high hopes for the Pure Flesh Liquid Foundation when I finally bought it on an Ulta promotion, but that too flopped for me. I hated that a brand that prided itself on being your skin but better, and hell, was named Flesh, and with its many offering of hues just wasn’t working out for me in liquid or solid form. Ugh.

MISS: The Fleshpot, I bought in the “shade” Disco Nap, and I use bunny ears for shade because Disco Nap, part of a holiday collection, wasn’t all that different from the original Fleshpot.

Face glosses, in general, are a bit of a scammy money grab. Just use vaseline or lip gloss if you want to add a sheen to anywhere on your face. I have yet to “buy” into face gloss as a worthwhile product. “Disco Nap” is the third face gloss-type makeup I have and will be the last.

HIT: The Hide the Evidence Double Concealer is a win! A double-ended concealer pen, I have two pens in “Deep.” Once you twist the product, the product is a solid, firm liquid that I dab with a finger under my eyes. It appears a bit shiny at first and then settles nicely and works well with powder.

But the twisting of the product is annoying because you’ll twist three to four times, only for the fifth twist to provoke the concealer to kinda burst out and give you more than you probably wanted at once. Also, the brushes are super stiff to the point that it’s kind of alarming and hard to think they’ll ever soften enough for use. Mine has yet to soften, but I don’t mind using my finger.

MISS: The Glisten Drops I’m unimpressed by. If you’re into blinding highlights, this ain’t it. These drops are shockingly dull. When swatched, it is very pretty though.


HIT: I really like their Hot Sauce Lip Gloss. It may be my favorite product from Flesh. I got three and a fourth on the way. (Are these glosses babies or something?!) They’re just the right amount of pigment, shine, and staying power, and the texture is so nice on the lips. Pair with a lip liner, and you’ve got a luscious lip look. I love these! (This product is also selling out fast on Ulta online).

HIT: Strong Flesh lipstick is serious! I got the shade, “Siren,” described as a deep plum. It is one of the darkest shades of lipstick I’ve ever owned, and I sometimes have trouble lining it and preventing it from feathering. But I like how vivid it is.

SLIGHTLY MISS/IDK/I’M NOT SURE: Fleshy Lips lipstick is lighter than Strong Flesh and I got the shade, “Pucker.” It looks nothing like it does online and I wouldn’t describe it as a grape jam. It’s more of a bronze. I normally enjoy shades like this, and it also feels nice on the lips. But I again struggle with lip lining it. I think I slightly prefer Strong Flesh.

HIT: Swipe Flesh is pretty cool and all of the shades have the imprint of a fingerprint embossed on them. After you get over messing up the image, you transfer the color with either your finger or a brush. It reminds me of a classic rouge pot, and can certainly be used as a blush too. Just maybe have a tissue, paper towel, and hand sanitizer nearby so you’re hands can be clean again once you’re done applying!


Of course, I’ve long been curious about the eyeshadow palettes. I almost bought the first one, Fleshcolor, and was curious about Starshine, a purple, navy undertone, silver-based set. Then the third one, Flesh Envy was a part of the holiday collection and looked quite Christmasy. I still have my eye on it.

Photo of “Starshine” taken with the KiraKira+ app.

HIT: I bought Starshine for an amazing $9.50 on Ulta online, and I’m wearing it as I type this. I really like it! The shadows are easy to apply and blend, and I’m digging how unapologetically cool-toned it is. It’s shaped like a small book too, and inside contains a good-sized mirror and a brush underneath the 9-pans.

The packaging is also fab! The fabric recalls an up-close look at the stars and all its glimmer in the sky, with a strong navy blue/boysenberry background and with an even more boysenberry color for the title of a lowercase “flesh” in the middle.

Back when it debuted, a lot of beauty YouTubers were skeptical and made fun of Flesh for its main name, and more so for the name of the products. That Thickstick one is a bit much, just because it’s so verbose, but I liked how progressive and edgy the name colors were, such as “Succulent,” and the more provocative, “Swollen.” I honestly thought that people needed to grow up a bit. (Like Alexander Jones, for the New York Times, was smart to mention that one of Nars’ most popular shades is called, “Orgasm.” A best-seller for years). But Flesh Beauty also has less intimidating shade names like “Prime” and “In Petal Confetti.”

The brand was founded by Linda Wells, Revlon’s chief creative director and former but still notable Editor-In-Chief of Allure magazine. In June 2018, she did a lengthy Q&A with The Cut, and the interviewer got right into why the brand was given such a somewhat straightforward name.

So Flesh, the name. Some people like it; some people hate it. How did you arrive at it?
I had the name immediately. It was the only name I had. I wanted something short, fast, provocative, kind of uncomfortable, and potentially off-putting — which has proven to be the case. I went out for dinner with my son, who is 20, and told him about the name. He was like, “Mom, that’s disgusting. That sounds bad.”

I think some people think of it like The Walking Dead. Others think of it the way I thought of it — skin, sensuousness, and being comfortable in your skin.

On Instagram, Flesh Beauty has been fun to follow. They used to do these really cool ads and memes in which they took vintage takes and examples of “nude” or “flesh” from past makeup ads, Crayola and pantyhose, and by using their own foundation products, showed how diverse nude could actually be! (To any brand: continue to miss us with 500 shades of beige).

Though I sadly dislike their foundations, their well-thought-out, super cute, and executed celebration of inclusivity, that didn’t translate as tokenism either, was so worth supporting and a few of their other products do work for me.

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