A YouTuber Explains Why Our Photos Don’t Look Like An “Influencer’s” Online

Earlier this week, I randomly found two videos by beauty YouTuber Stephanie Lange. And in them, Lange broke down why our Instagram photos don’t look like those of influencers. Basically, how is it that their skin is always pore-less and flawless and their bodies snatched (no cellulite, no rolls, non-existent waist), and yet with ours, we look like everyday people. Dimples and all! Textured skin! And average waistlines!

As we know, photo-editing apps have nearly everything to do with the disparity, but it was still very necessary and awesome of Lange to explain in detail what goes behind the scenes of these photos and even the tricks that influencers and IG models (and hell, even celebrities) use when posing. As well as lighting. Lange even put herself on front street, making her content more honest and true.

Check them out below and hopefully these videos will help you be less hard on yourself. I know, while I’m still going through the gigs, felt my look was normalized and humanized thanks to Lange’s videos.

We all want to look good, but what happened to looking like a flesh and blood human too, you know?

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