Whippd Cosmetics: Review and Comparisons #BlackOwnedBusinesses

As always, I like to share where I learned or found out about brands, music, books, fashion lines (anything!) before getting into my thoughts about said product or release.

For Whippd Cosmetics, I believe it was on Nylon.com, as a short post about the brand was posted and like other websites that briefly covered the indie brand, was highly touted for its black girl friendly line of lip glosses.

Sold together, they’re the Coco Collection. A collection of six “nude” lip glosses from light to dark. Immediately, the packaging and colors reminded me of Bite Beauty’s former French Press line of lip glosses that were inspired and smelled like brewed offerings at a cafe. I was a little obsessed with it but only had one, that I bought from a Sephora VIB sale, until the latter three I picked up at T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s for about $6.

Whippd is founded by Rachel Robins, and is “Skincare and beauty inspired by the sweetest – you.”

The Nylon article was convincing and I had been looking to support more black-owned businesses, and especially those founded by black women and women of color. The swatches looked pretty promising too. As shown on its Instagram, and displayed on a brown-skinned arm, all six lip glosses had color and healthy shine to them. Per Robins from the article on Hypebae:

“My experience of trying to find the perfect nude lip color to match me was always unsuccessful. I would often have to mix my own shades. I know other Black women have encountered the same issue while shopping for the perfect nude.”

Rachel Robins, -Hypebae (2020)

I signed up for the email list so I could be aware of its restock in July. Once that email came through stating the Coco Collection was available for $50 on pre-order, I placed my order via PayPal, and for a total of $55. Shipping and Handling were $5.

I was tempted to also purchase the Cloud No.9 Body Butter, and since receiving my Coco order, Whippd has expanded its skincare with a rosewater mist and serum and had already been selling lip scrubs.

In the last week of July, I got an email stating it was shipped! But, ugh, did it take forever for the package to make traction from Louisiana. I did email Robins and she reassured me that it was shipped out, and in general, it seemed that a lot of her packages, though shipped, were taking some time to may its way to their owners. She was kind and I believed her!

My concern was highly backed by the fact that Coco was being delivered by USPS, and as we know, USPS has been targeted by the Trump Administration, in an effort to suppress mail-in ballots. Thus months before, it had been reported that the USPS was struggling for reasons I still have yet to get familiar with myself.

Fast forward to when I finally alerted that my package was on the east coast. Then, it was delivered. In a small black pouch, the Coco Collection was ridiculously tightly packaged and included was a code for %15 off my next purchase!

In-person, the glosses are cute and look just like they did online. I, however, was annoyed that the names weren’t on the glosses. So for about four of them, I have no idea what they are at first glance. But in order, the shades from lightest to darkest are supposed to be Latte, Butterscotch, Brown Sugar, Amaretto, Java, and Truffle.

The shape and cap are also identical to the KKW Beauty lip glosses. I have one from the So Fire collection in “Flammable,” and when I placed it next to what is maybe Whippd’s “Truffle,” they aligned.

Four glosses from Bite Beauty’s former French Press line, with KKW Beauty lip gloss “Flammable” in the middle, taken with natural sunlight.

The Coco Collection does smell great! All six have the same scent which is a sugary, salted caramel drink. But color-wise, I was surprised to see that the lip glosses barely had any color to them. I’ve tried three so far, one light, mid-range, and dark, and all three just had the tiniest tint to them. The color from Whippd’s IG did not appear on my lips!

Swatches of all six Coco Collection lip glosses, with flash.

The glosses looked great when paired with my MAC lip liner in “Chestnut” and felt good on my lips too. (Though the light one I tried did feel a bit slinkier than the other two). The Coco Collection is nice all-around and while I was very surprised, I was not that peeved about the colors not appearing as pigmented as on IG. Hell, those swatches could’ve been from a small bowl batch and not a lip gloss brush swatch!

The Coco Collection by Whippd Cosmetics, taken with natural sunlight

But I hate to admit that I could’ve achieved my three lip gloss looks with a handful of other glosses. And one of the three glosses I tried, which again could’ve been the light one, I barely got any gloss on the brush and had to dip a handful of times.

All in all, I don’t regret my purchase and I’m happy I was able to support a black-owned business. The price point for six glosses at $50 is reasonable too and I would prefer to gloss it up with a black-owned/POC brand than not to.

[Check out all hyperlinks for articles discussing Whippd, as well as a link to the Whippd website].

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