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7. 4. 14 BeneFit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner

First, BeneFit was obsessed with their BadGal sector after the original mascara was a huge hit for them. Since, they’ve released the They’re Real mascara (which is even better than the inflated BadGal), and now, to go with that one, they are currenting promoting the They’re Real Push Up Liner. Basically, it’s another product with the big promise of making the cat-eye process a lot easier and swifter. While the construction of the slanted tip is very helpful, the only thing I found tricky was the way the liner comes out. It kinda pops up as a packed bubble and this can be problematic. When you’re edging near your lash line to begin applying, you have to be really meticulous because you may accidentally transfer more than you intended. Afterwards, this may make it harder to move the color further down the line. Aside from that I did really like it. Some people haven’t been too impressed by it, but it is one of the better cat-eye “tools” that I’ve tried.


5. 29. 14 The very affordable lip gloss Kim Kardashian (West) wore at her wedding reception L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire in Nude Ballet

5. 21. 14 L’Oreal Paris’ Miss Manga Mascara (in Blackest Black) Now. I first thought that the Miss Manga was only exclusively sold in Japan, and I first noticed it on Morena Barbee’s Instagram page which she posted a picture about how excited she was to have received. I was intrigued by the name because I knew “manga” was a nod to anime, which to American audiences, its most known representation has been the cult cartoon Sailor Moon. Anime characters are drawn with very big or large eyes that are very child-like and deer in the headlights. This feature has been embraced by Japanese pop culture for years, as in US soil it’s been more about the sultry gaze than the deer in the headlights. Thanks to a malfunction on the NYC trains, per usual, I spotted Miss Manga at a Rite Aid and bought it on the spot. I was super excited about it! I almost it on eBay. Was it worth the hype? For the most part, it is a good mascara. It does separate lashes nicely and give a wide-eyed look, but your eyes won’t get as “manga” as the ad promises. The model (who I think is Barbara Palvin) definitely is wearing falsies with this mascara, and not just because that’s what ads do, but you just won’t achieve the doe eyes look with just this tube alone. It needs layering for that. The only other mascara I can think of that really did that for me was Maybelline’s Colossal, but Miss Manga is fun to use because of its premise alone. I would buy it again, but for eyes super innocent like Palvin’s, you may need some embellishments.



5. 19. 14 The Lip Bar lipstick in “Purple Rain” In attending the #lipsandtips event at Polish Bar Brooklyn, I was finally able to try a lipstick from the brand, The Lip Bar! In promoting their natural ingredients and fun colors, I was most excited about getting a lipstick to take home once I got there. At their display, there at least 6-8 colors to try. I tested “Kiss Me” (a coral-pink), “Chocolate Spritzer”, I skipped on “Cosmo” a really pretty red, was too shy too put on “Kamikaze” (turquiose)”, and there was a bubblegum pink one I tried before I finally decided on “Purple Rain” which I already knew I would end up taking. “Purple Rain” is a lavender hue with a slight blue undertone, that is not as scary as it sounds, and it actually pretty flattering. It’s all about what goes with your skin tone as well. Like I preferred “Kiss Me” on this other guest of the event and she thought it looked weird on her. I’ve been loving purple shades a lot, but it can be hard to find out that is great. “Purple Rain” I immediately liked, but I also took note of the texture of The Lip Bar lipstick. It is definitely moisturizing and seems to tug less at your lips when applying than the average tube. The only thing that might be hard with shades like this is that if you’re big on lip liner, a shade may be hard to find, a purple liner of the periwinkle side are out there (apparently NYX has one of exactly the same name). I still have to wear this color for more than 5 minutes, as I’m in the, “it’s so pretty, I don’t want to wear it yet” phase, I give The Lip Bar’s quality so far, a solid A. 5. 4. 14 Jourdan Dunn’s first commercial for Maybelline as their new spokesmodel! 5. 2. 14 The Original Celebrity Lovers of the Bantu Knot hairstyle

Gwen Stefani

 5. 2. 14 CoverGirl’s Coloricious Lipgloss

photo courtesy of

PROS: The sleek packaging is different for CoverGirl, which I’ve always found to be the fun kid sister to Revlon or L’Oreal products. The color options are also in wide range and the advertising encourages rocking a bold lip. Visually, it does have a plumping effect. CONS: While the colors are great and the applicator slides the gloss on easily, the gloss itself wears off in a short amount of time. It isn’t very long-lasting all. 5. 1. 14

Nicole Richie and her (for real and very recent) purple reign.

4. 29. 14 Maybelline Volum’ Express Pumped Up Colossal Mascara PROS: Though it’s advertised as one of those “larger than life” mascaras (“16x” the volume), this newer version of their Colossal tube actually offers a more subtly pumped up look for lashes that leaves a very pretty, innocent-eyed look. CONS: None here really. I did expect bigger lashes and I was unsure of the brush at first that resembled a double helix, but if you just continue to layer or use with another, you should be good. 4. 28. 14 CoverGirl’s commercial for the upcoming Katy Perry #instaGLAM collection COMING SOON>>>>>> NYC Expert Last Lipstick L.A. Color HD PRO Concealer POP Beauty Cat Eye Liner POP Beauty Peak Performance Mascara Make Up For Ever Tokyo Milk L’Oreal Voluminous Millions of Lashes Excess Thierry Mugler Angel TooFaced Lashgasm

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