For All Its Eccentricities, This Chapter Of ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ I Related To The Most

Lena Dunham‘s autobiography Not That Kind of Girl (disguised as a how to not want to kill yourself post the quarter-life turned I have no choice but to become an adult crisis handbook) is as absurd a document with some hard-to-admit likable moments as you imagined. Published by Random House last September, it was certifiably anticipated forContinue reading “For All Its Eccentricities, This Chapter Of ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ I Related To The Most”

Selma’s Youngest Marcher, Lynda Blackmon Lowery Reveals What It Was Like To Change The World As A Teen

Originally posted on HelloBeautiful:
It’s been 51 years since the groundbreaking marches in Selma and Montgomery, Alabama took place. The people from that era who are alive and willing to speak on the civil rights movement are literally walking encyclopedias on what it’s like to fight for freedom against the circumstance of adversity. One of those…

5 Under the Radar Memoirs by Female Authors

Creative fiction may be the core of any reader’s original love for literature, but no great piece of imagination was written without the inclusion of real life events. That is why memoirs, as emotionally crushing as they can be to experience vicariously, are fascinating features of the literary world. As the writer of these oralContinue reading “5 Under the Radar Memoirs by Female Authors”