#Flashback: All The Pop Culture References From ColourPop’s Fall 2015 ’90s Collection

ColourPop is the cute, spunky makeup brand that self-promoted itself in early 2015 and by September had impressively gained one million followers. Their success is an absolute matter of (great) word of mouth reviews and their unexpectedly cheap price points. $5 for a lipstick?! Within the lipstick landscape that features $90 tubes by Christian Louboutin andContinue reading “#Flashback: All The Pop Culture References From ColourPop’s Fall 2015 ’90s Collection”

#ThrowbackThursday: Cindy Crawford’s Makeup How-To Book “Basic Face”

Cindy Crawford has been epic in the field of modeling since her rise began in the late 1980s. The Illinois native, with the unforgettable mole on the right side of her mouth, has returned with the release of her book Becoming, a retrospective of her modest former life and dazzling career. And for you SnapchatContinue reading “#ThrowbackThursday: Cindy Crawford’s Makeup How-To Book “Basic Face””

5 Discontinued Makeup Products I Miss

Aside from the makeup flub of a cat-eye, or after applying lipstick straight from the tube and discovering the color looks nothing like the sticker on the package, discontinued makeup products are another beauty fanatic’s list of pet peeves because it’s always the ones you loved, trusted, and bought most. Usually, the reasons behind terminatingContinue reading “5 Discontinued Makeup Products I Miss”