Why For A Moment I Was Jaded About The Baltimore Riots

Cause I feel like my eyes saw too much suffering I’m just twenty-some-odd years, I done lost my mother And I cried tears of joy, I know she smiles on her boy I dream of you more, my love goes to Afeni Shakur Cause like Ann Jones, she raised a ghetto king in a warContinue reading “Why For A Moment I Was Jaded About The Baltimore Riots”

Some Thoughts On…America, I Thought I Knew Ya…The #FergusonDecision

This year, my Thanksgiving Eve was not spent dreaming of a hot meal for the holiday tomorrow or in making last minute plans with friends and family. It was the night I realize I didn’t recognize my own country and I had to question where I stood on a lot of matters involving race and personal beliefs.

Some Thoughts On…Interracial Dating

Living in New York, I’ve heard a lot flashy and heavy-handed comments about interracial dating and mating. My ears have experienced more of this than they ever did in Boston, in which people who’ve never even visited have the temerity to label or ask me if it’s “racist”. SIDE NOTE: No. Not any more orContinue reading “Some Thoughts On…Interracial Dating”