We Built This City On…Racism?

I’m so embarrassed. I just don’t know how much longer I can defend my city. My hometown of Boston and it’s troublesome label of being a racist city. How about “the most racist city ever”? I held a stalwart stance when New Yorkers would ask me, in all seriousness, “Are there any Black people inContinue reading “We Built This City On…Racism?”

Feminism, From The Je ne sais quoi of Dita Von Teese, Is A Beautiful Thing

The art of burlesque is a bit disregarded in the mainstream limelight. If not for the magnetic pull of Dita Von Teese, who has expounded her love for vintage beauty, dress, and entertainment into an impressive career, burlesque and the cabaret aesthetic would remain an extreme novelty for an already extremely niche audience. It’s notContinue reading “Feminism, From The Je ne sais quoi of Dita Von Teese, Is A Beautiful Thing”

Lauryn Hill, In Real Life

by Shae The day after my birthday was always just the day after my birthday, February 23. The big day is over and I’ve been handed the options to fight or flight in my new age, February 22nd onward. (As I get older, I need both modes to survive). This year’s annual gift was a milestone. ItContinue reading “Lauryn Hill, In Real Life”