Feminism, From The Je ne sais quoi of Dita Von Teese, Is A Beautiful Thing

The art of burlesque is a bit disregarded in the mainstream limelight. If not for the magnetic pull of Dita Von Teese, who has expounded her love for vintage beauty, dress, and entertainment into an impressive career, burlesque and the cabaret aesthetic would remain an extreme novelty for an already extremely niche audience. It’s notContinue reading “Feminism, From The Je ne sais quoi of Dita Von Teese, Is A Beautiful Thing”

The New Demands of Beauty

I’m not perfect or immune from wanting to be viewed as beautiful, more so than desired, by the opposite sex. Yet, I’m really beginning to feel either inheritedly bothered or at the very least ambivalent by the this gale of new demands of beauty for women and how did we even get here once again.Continue reading “The New Demands of Beauty”

Inside Dita Von Teese’s shoe and hat closet worth $10,000+