Ten Underrated Red Carpet Dresses Designed Under Donna Karan

On Tuesday, June 30, after 31 years as the head honch-ess of her own Donna Karan International fashion house (which also includes mall fave DKNY), Karan announced that she was stepping down as its chief designer. She began her career by first working for the brand Anne Klein in the late 1960s, post completing courses from theContinue reading “Ten Underrated Red Carpet Dresses Designed Under Donna Karan”

Indifferent About Dior, But Excited About Rihanna

The fashion house of Christian Dior nearly lost its pizzazz when its creative director John Galliano got himself fired for anti-Semitic remarks he made in a Parisian restaurant in 2011. Dior, as a brand, was always legendary but became one of the hottest on the planet with products like the “saddle bag“, popularized by theContinue reading “Indifferent About Dior, But Excited About Rihanna”