Why I Had A Change Of Heart For The Ebola Doctors Being Person Of The Year

When it was revealed that the Person of the Year went to the Ebola Doctors, I did feel a jolt from within. Like, was TIME magazine afraid to honor the protestors? No movement this year and in recent years was more impactful than the protestors. Why weren’t they honored?

Azealia vs. Azalea: Why Do We Care If White Artists Respond To Black Issues?

Having reached her threshold of witnessing enough Black cultural heists from today’s White artists, rapper Azealia Banks stirred a huge pot of emotions when she instigated the topic of White artists not paying it forward to the Black community. Following the non-indictment for White Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who killed Black Eric Garner with an illegalContinue reading “Azealia vs. Azalea: Why Do We Care If White Artists Respond To Black Issues?”

Some Thoughts On…America, I Thought I Knew Ya…The #FergusonDecision

This year, my Thanksgiving Eve was not spent dreaming of a hot meal for the holiday tomorrow or in making last minute plans with friends and family. It was the night I realize I didn’t recognize my own country and I had to question where I stood on a lot of matters involving race and personal beliefs.