In Exactly 1 Minute, Watch African American Beauty Trends From 1910 to 2010! [VIDEOS]

This second installment of beauty throughout the decades, from Cut Video! This one features Marshay Mitchell showing off Black beauty hair and makeup trends from 1910 to 2010! Below is a side by side comparison with the first video, that featured a White woman, Nina Carduner.

I Witnessed Hair Shaming and It Was Really Lame

In the outrageous, seemingly never-ending quest to break apart the self-esteem of black women across America, there seems to be a revolving door of either it being the way our hair is worn or the pigmentation of our skin color a nationwide discussion. Since the latter is almost always at ad nauseum levels, “hair shaming”Continue reading “I Witnessed Hair Shaming and It Was Really Lame”