What Iris Apfel Thinks About the Costume Institute Met Ball…

…during an interview with New York Magazine‘s blog The Cut, and in promotion of her handbag line Extinctions. The Met Gala was Monday night. Have you been? I used to go every year, but it’s not affordable anymore. It’s totally corporate now. Oh, it’s not the same. They used to be really beautiful and fun. NowContinue reading “What Iris Apfel Thinks About the Costume Institute Met Ball…”

The Iris Apfel Heel

The newest stiletto heels by Jimmy Choo are named and designed in homage to the perpetually quirky style icon Iris Apfel, who at 90 years of age is still a celebrated figure.  Apfel is part of a specific group of eccentric women that in the lanes of music, nightlife and fashion became true, unintentional starsContinue reading “The Iris Apfel Heel”