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  • Is Nail Art Kaput?

    Since roughly the late summertime, predictions from fashion and beauty oriented sites declared the once thriving division of nail art as O-V-E-R.  Now in December, actual numbers have come stating that nail polish sales went down 13% in November, after a sales growth of 20% in 2012. Advertising Age, where the original report was posted,…

  • Street Artist Banksy Inspired Nail Art

    Street Artist Banksy Inspired Nail Art

    As one of the most subversive artists, street or traditional, Banksy’s graffiti epigrams may undoubtedly provoke lengthy conversations of what his interpretation is conveying, along seeking to challenge your initial point of view. He’s often taken culturally iconic logos, characters, and even drawn original cartoons of previous idyllic moments from pop culture to Americana, and turned…

  • Tuesday’s #NailCall: Graphic Details and Half Moon Manicures