First Look at Gwen Stefani for OPI (aka “Finally!”)

The long awaited, what took so long, very much delayed Gwen and OPI collection is set to arrive January 2014, and will feature a signture red polish titled “Over and Over A-Gwen”. This celeb collab follows the Liquid Sand set of Mariah Carey, and capsules from Nicki Minaj for Pink Friday, Katy Perry, and SelenaContinue reading “First Look at Gwen Stefani for OPI (aka “Finally!”)”

Mmmmm, Chocolate: 7 Nail Lacquers of This Shade You Need to Try

The first time I noticed brown nail polish was in 1998, during a marathon of the Seattle season of MTV’s The Real World. The Korean-American cast member Janet was always rocking a chocolate brown hue and I found it so chic. Not as jarring as black vinyl, and a different kind of edgy than sayContinue reading “Mmmmm, Chocolate: 7 Nail Lacquers of This Shade You Need to Try”

OPI x Minnie Mouse + Spider-Man

Another season, another OPI themed collection, and this time it’s all about Minnie Mouse and Spiderman. An interesting combination since they both come from separate spectrums of cartoon land, both characters are extremely fun and iconic.  For Minnie Mouse, the scheme is red and pink: bubblegum pinks and cherry reds.  Everything about Minnie Mouse isContinue reading “OPI x Minnie Mouse + Spider-Man”