Spoken Word Monday: “You Gone Get This Work” by Jasmine Mans [VIDEO]

“Don’t make it rain if you can’t make it grow.” On August 2, 2013, Jasmine Mans performed her spoken word poem “You Gone Get This Work” at Stage 48.  As a part of the “Anthology” show via The Strivers Row, Mans delivered a cutthroat take on the fall of formerly headstrong strong men who caterContinue reading “Spoken Word Monday: “You Gone Get This Work” by Jasmine Mans [VIDEO]”

Spoken Word Monday: “A Rape Poem to End All Rape Poems” by Rutgers University [VIDEO] #YesAllWomen

Performed at Rutgers University by Justice Hehir, Lindsey Michelle Williams, Kate Thomas, and Lillie Hannon. Learn more about this poetry team at: https://www.facebook.com/ruslamteam Video by Lindsey Michelle.

Alysia Harris Performs Her Poem “That Girl”

Thanks to ForHarriet.com and Yahoo’s Shine, I came across this great poetry slam from Alysia Harris. Featured as a part of HBO’s “Brave New Voices”, Harris shares her poem titled “That Girl” and she describes the emotional baggage of when a paramour becomes the enemy. Watch below: