The Underworld of Lana Del Rey [Review of Ultraviolence]

By the name Ultraviolence, even if familiar with the anguished work of the princess of melancholy Lana Del Rey, (and the word, coined by the author Anthony Burgess,) it completely transpires as nothing short of burdensome. Decidedly less affectionate than Born to Die or Paradise, it definitely feels like the dark(er) sequel to what happens whenContinue reading “The Underworld of Lana Del Rey [Review of Ultraviolence]”

Lana Del Rey’s Chilling “Ultraviolence” Song About Domestic Violence

Though it’s only been 2 days, I am surprised that only a small portion of the media has attacked or questioned the astonishingly distressed track, of old soul artist Lana Del Rey’s, “Ultraviolence”. While the word “ultraviolence” upon arrival is baffling (what exactly does it mean) it is in reference to the demoralizing novel AContinue reading “Lana Del Rey’s Chilling “Ultraviolence” Song About Domestic Violence”