FASHIONABLY REVIEWED: Maybelline New York Illegal Length Mascara

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Maybelline’s (semi-new) mascara Illegal Length may rival their very popular Falsies as their go-to product for wistfully curled eyelashes with awesome length.  It’s a reboot of their original formula with the addition of fiber ingredients for “instant lash extensions”. Promising 4mm of length, Illegal Length provide subtle glamour and once again shows that Maybelline may be the leading brand when it comes to drugstore mascaras.  It is one of very few wands (which is similar to the M.A.C. Zoom Lash brush) that really grabs every lash and frames your eyes.  It is a great mascara for day to night, depending on how you apply your eyeliner and shadows.  Illegal Length is what Lash Stiletto tried to achieve when it was introduced a few years back, offering a look of “voluptuous length”, but the wand never delivered in size or expansion, making for lackluster results.  Illegal Length even surprisingly gives a subtle panorama gaze.

—Shardae Jobson

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personal photo of Illegal Length
original packaging of Illegal Lengths

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