The Iris Apfel Heel

The newest stiletto heels by Jimmy Choo are named and designed in homage to the perpetually quirky style icon Iris Apfel, who at 90 years of age is still a celebrated figure.  Apfel is part of a specific group of eccentric women that in the lanes of music, nightlife and fashion became true, unintentional stars by developing a unique sense of self, expressed by their lust for living every day as their last and they did so by dressing accordingly, leaving nothing to the imagination but embracing the idyllic mentality.  This interesting group of women includes Isabella Blow and Zelda Kaplan, both of whom have passed away.

Once a staff member of Women’s Wear Daily and still a style consultant and lecturer today, these Jimmy Choos are certainly safari inspired, with its weaved tan leather and adorned rectangular resin tassels in earth tones.  Ironically, Apfel isn’t very fond of high heels, so we may never see her in the 5 inch high shoes made in her honor, but with a price of over $1,400, it will, as always, be entertaining to see who will rock a pair of shoes so exorbitantly enchanting.

Jimmy Choo has stated that the shoe was

“inspired by the inimitable style of fashion [innovation] and [the] doyenne of ethnic embellishment, [both efforts being accomplished by] Iris Apfel”.

–Shardae Jobson

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