Discoveries at Patricia Field’s

Patricia Field is one of the most fun and dizzying stores in New York City, and one of few venues that still host to the yesteryear wildness of the city’s sleepless nights and busy mornings.  Named after herself, Patricia Field is most famous for being the main costume designer for HBO’s Sex and The City, as well as its accompanying two film sequels.  Her store sells her own brand, as well many various unique labels, clothing, and accessories, and it is a haven for the fashionista that truly loves to experiment and is obsessed with detail.  Special designer or pop culture fixation collections of the store once included past collaborations with Mattel’s Barbie and the foundation of beloved street artist Keith Haring, which I was especially in love with and wrote about for my college newspaper.  If you’re in NYC, you can check out the campy madness for yourself at 302 Bowery.

During my last visit there, I took some quick snapshots of some of the coolness on display:

photo by Shardae Jobson
photo by Shardae Jobson
photo by Shardae Jobson
photo by Shardae Jobson
Joyride bone jacket
photo by Shardae Jobson

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