Since Sephora is having their unlimited %15 coupon for all their Beauty Insider card members (good until April 5; check your e-mail to get yours!), I was on the prowl for something to buy that I hadn’t tried before and/or always really wanted.  It was a battle between a Sephora by OPI nail polish or mascara.  The nail polish color I wanted is a part of Sephora’s 2012 spring line, and it’s an unsual color in that it’s a muddy dark green which doesn’t particulary sound pretty, but with a good dose of shimmer added, it becomes a really nice khaki tone with a golden undertone.  I nearly bought “Happy Earth Day to Me” but decided to search some more for something I really wanted it.  I passed by their “best of” mascara rack, and my eyes immediately latched on to the Eyeko London label, which I suddenly remembered reading somewhere was a favorite product of Grammy winner Adele.  I had heard of Eyeko before, mostly about their eye pencils in another magazine years ago.  Mascara may be my most favorite beauty item, though not my most vital (bless you foundation!), so when I saw it I snatched one of those mini boxes and went right to the register.

The magazine that mentioned the Skinny Brush Mascara gave it raves for being a great opener for eyes, almost giving you a doll-like appearance, or even a sexy vixen look which Adele often does with her reliable black cat eye and sometimes red lip.  Eyeko London has all three of their mascaras packaged in a tube as opposed to a cylinder, and contains Pro Vitamin B in its ingredients.

Since trying it, I’ve used it as a kind of topcoat to a mascara I already have on, like the other day I used with Rimmel London’s Scandal Eyes Mascara.  I’m intrigued by the brush and squeez-y tube, and it does give you that Twiggy gaze, as VOGUE described.  Eyeko is a favorite of make-up artists in the U.K., and while its transition has been quiet in the U.S., for my mascara fanatics, here’s another secret weapon for eyes you just can’t say no to.  This is definitely a brush for length.

For now, Eyeko is sold exclusively at Sephora stores nationwide, and retails for $19 before or without tax.

SIDENOTE: Each package comes with a turquoise guitar-looking pick to help you with smudges getting on your eyelid.

–Shardae Jobson

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