Uniqlo X Andy Warhol

photo by Shardae Jobson

If you live in New York, and often shop in Manhattan, Uniqlo is kind of a big deal.  Alongside the wave of international clothing labels that took shop in the Big Apple like Topshop, Mango, AllSaints (which opened nationwide) and Desigual, and even more in the last few months including Melissa and Australia’s Zimmerman, both with flagships in SoHo.  Uniqlo is a go-to staple for comfortable basics that feel almost luxurious as the company is Japanese, so the brand is trusted in providing good quality clothes, and even better at affordable prices.  Uniqlo became so huge in New York that New York Magazine dedicated a lengthy piece about its powerful place in New York’s massive shopping industry.  With a penchant for pop culture, naturally since Japan’s is adored for its contribution to animation and modern art, Uniqlo usually has limited edition collections pertaining to cartoons and films especially.  Before, they’ve had T-shirts silk-screened with characters from Disney, Looney Tunes, Dragonball-Z, and Charlie and the Peanuts gang.  Right now, they’re all about the indie mystery films of David Lynch and Andy Warhol’s Factory movement.

The majority of T-shirts are on sale for $19.95, and for Lynch, his shirts showcase the original posterboard or film shots from his filmography including Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive.  For Warhol, they are of course images of The Velvet Underground’s iconic banana cover, infamous Warholian quotes, and his re-intrepretations of the Brillo box and Campbell soup cans.  The shirts are soft and the images are not scratchy, which is usually the case for pictures and word not knitted unto the actual clothing.  The shirts are fun, relevant, unisex, and add a dash of possible watercooler conversation in your near subway travelling future, or in line waiting for coffee.

–Shardae Jobson

photo by Shardae Jobson

You can go to a Uniqlo store in Manhattan to obtain a piece of mass media apparel, or head over to uniqlo.com

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