M.A.C. Reel Sexy

One of the summer collections at M.A.C. Cosmetics this year is all about the movies, and every makeup fiend is a certainly a critic when it comes to the shades we’re told are it for the season.  The collection is titled Reel Sexy, and with awesomely androgynous model Kristen McMenamy as the official spokeswoman, Reel Sexy if full of muted but strong jewel tones such as azure blue, teal green, royal purple, and opalescent lilacs, corals, and pinks.  As always, there’s a campy element going on, but the drag queen appeal of these “reels” are definitely suited for the nightlife and are vixen inspired looks with a fruit punch twist.

The purples, darkened roses, and blues are particular stand-out options stealing the show with the Pink Popcorn Lustre and Heroine (in Matte) Lipstick, Cinestyle Creamsheen Glass, and the Hyacinth Eye Kohl as definite favorites.  There are four Dynamic Duo eye shadow kits, two Powder Blushes, three Nail Lacquers, and a Mineralize Skinfinish translucent powder that is pearly white but sprinkled with pink, taupe, aqua swirly lines, and is called  Lightscapade.

When visiting a M.A.C. counter for retail location, hopefully you’ll  see it decorated like a soundstage with a very mini theatre with the poster for the set the behind red velvet seats,and  hot pink ticket stubs strewn about that invite you to watch the Reel Sexy short film starring McMenamy.  The best treat of all for M.A.C. fans are the complimentary pink kennel popcorn, handed out in classic scalloped edge tubes.  Yours truly was too excited to walk out of the SoHo store in New York with her hers, which the old-style movie usher so nicely said I could take with me.

Reel Sexy is now available.

-Shardae Jobson

M.A.C. SoHo location, photo by Shardae Jobson
Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade

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