A Great Red Nail Polish

Even the biggest fan of wearing nail polish may steer clear of the color red.  A very brash, loud, and unabashed color, it evokes many thoughts of what kind of person chooses to adorn it at their fingertips, but the color has recently been re-welcomed as a once again classic choice for elegance and sex appeal, and was even second place in popularity back when black when the color in the mid 2000s.  I am of those fans I described in the first sentence, but I have tried it every so often, and while perusing the Sephora by OPI collection in Times Square in NYC, I tested one of their many red shades, and I really liked Mr. Right Now.  It’s a scarlet red that can be darkened when layered, as when I do wear red, I prefer it on the burgundy and wine hue of its mini color stream.

–Carmen S.J. Chambers

Mr. Right Now from Sephora by OPI

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