The Greatest Affordable Lipstick… x Fergie gets a makeup campaign

The winner is Wet ‘n Wild for the greatest affordable lipstick and their line of Silk Finish, which (before tax) sells for only 99 cents at most drugstores like Duane Reade, CVS, and Rite Aid.  Silk Finish has an awesome creamy texture that isn’t heavy at all and the colors are saturated without being too much, giving you control of how intense you want the color to be.  For only a dollar, this winning formula and package and rivals some of more luxuriously priced ones that even yours truly loves, but I’ll definitely adore Silk Finish especially when I need a quick fix of makeup.  My first Silk Finish was Cherry Frost (514A), a fire engine red (and one the best red lipsticks I’ve worn and short-listed), and recently I tried Fucshia with a Blue Pearl (521A), a terrific hot pink with a pearlized, shimmy blue base and subtle effect.

Don’t sleep on Silk Finish if your big on lipstick, and feel like it switching it up a bit with a brand that’s always made beauty more inexpensive but still well-made (though they shall expand on their skin tone offerings when it comes to liquid foundation and powder.  Sometimes women of color forget their powder at home too!)

Also, earlier this year, Fergie was recently appointed as the celebrity beauty ambassador for the brand and will eventually launch a collection.  The partnership is really cool and makes sense as one could picture Fergie, back then Stacy Ferguson, using WNW products as a teenager growing up in Southern California.

behind the scenes picture of Fergie’s ad for WNW

In a statement, the Black Eyed Peas first lady declared:

I’m truly excited to be the global beauty ambassador for Wet N Wild.  The brand delivers amazing palettes, unquestionable quality and is incredibly affordable.  It’s a beauty trifecta that I’m proud to be involved with”.

-Carmen S.J. Chambers

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