OPI x Minnie Mouse + Spider-Man

Another season, another OPI themed collection, and this time it’s all about Minnie Mouse and Spiderman. An interesting combination since they both come from separate spectrums of cartoon land, both characters are extremely fun and iconic.  For Minnie Mouse, the scheme is red and pink: bubblegum pinks and cherry reds.  Everything about Minnie Mouse is girly and flirty as are the colors that are saturated and full of subtle shimmer or tons of glitter.

THE BEST (COLORS): If You Moust You Moust (bubblegum pink), I’m All Ears (glittery reddish fucshia)

The Spider-Man collection (in conjunction withe anticipated summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man, coming July 3, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone) is all nuanced shimmer with colors that resemble the palette of Halloween.  Though Spider-Man is regularly associated teenage boys and men who are young at heart, OPI complied a collection of colors that are perfect for the girl with tomboy style but still appreciates a good manicure topped with an awesome hue.  Certainly more versatile than Minnie Mouse’s set, Spider-Man’s is almost sporty while Minnie is definitely girly.

THE BEST (COLORS) (which is hard since all 6 are great): Just Spotted the Lizard (shimmer moss), My Boyfriend Scales Walls (crispy white), and Call Me Gwen-ever (pumpkin orange-y coral)

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