Beth Ditto for MAC Cosmetics Is Here!

Finally, the Beth Ditto for MAC Collection has arrived!  As the awesomely atypical icon of fashion and beauty that hails from the world of pop punk music (she’s the lead singer of American-based, but European appreciated band Gossip), Ditto’s beauty capsule set is of course effervescently colorful.  Her collection encourages to switch from basic jet black mascara to eggplant, and why line your lips once again in red when your mouth can somewhat mimic another fruit instead with her “Entertain Me” orange lip pencil (perfect for MAC’s own “Morange” lipstick).  Her line also carries a finishing powder that works for all skin tones and is polka-dotted (“Powder to the People”).

Ditto x MAC is a little bit mod and futuristic (taking cues from a late ’60s popular theme of apparel and accessories, with many items made straight out of plastic and metal), her pop art ad shows endless possibilities for once again having fun when painting your face for a day at work (maybe save it for Casual Friday if in a corporate setting!) or another hopefully unforgettable night out on the town!

Love ya, Beth!


“Embrace Me” Lip Pencil

“You’re Perfectly Already” (pale pink) and “Booyah!” (bright orange) Pro Longwear Lip Creme

“Beth or Glory” (dark brown/navy), “Beth Mask” (bronze/peach pink) Shade/Smoke Shadow Liner

“Plum Reserve” Zoom Lash Mascara

“Blue Charge” Zoom Lash Mascara

“Near Beth Experience” (lightened canary yellow) Nail Lacquer

“Vagabondage” (muted lilac) Nail Lacquer

Check out this behind the scenes video with MAC and Beth!

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