Cutest Cell (Specifically iPhone) Cases…Eva

morning-rose-chanel-nail-polish-iphone-5-caseThese cases alone might make you want to toss out your ol’ regular plastic protective case, or like me, get an iPhone all together.  While browsing Vibe Vixen yesterday, I read a headline that included the words Chanel Nail Polish iPhone cases.  Um…what?

Immediately intrigued, I discovered that there’s a whole mini obsession with super girly iPhone cases that resemble some of the most coveted beauty brands on the planet.  The cases simply look cute, and even a little kooky, as their the stubby equivalent of the real life, elegantly packaged bottles.

product-mediumsquare-111099-49803-1368334064-8e7352c55dbf8b5f64ce5e203eedab9fThe adorable polish cases can be especially found (and purchased) on, where they are thriving, as customers can pick a variety of shades and “brands” to protect their gadgets.  As you look one up, it gets more and more exciting for the beauty junkie because there’s not just created resemblances to Chanel’s Le Vernis but also M.A.C.’s Nail Lacquer (which looks awesome as a clear polish cover), Butter London, Dior’s Vernis, NARS , YSL Le Lacquer, as well as squeezed versions of the cult Celine Boston Tote bag and some awesome pictures of Chanel’s N0. 5 perfume.

A case shouldn’t cause you more than $20 and you easily get one for cheaper than that.  Now if only there were cases for the rest of us that don’t have iPhones…

-C. Shardae Jobson (@lavishrebellion)


Same as 11'' - F3 is Mission Control, F4 is LaunchPad

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